Sunday, 25 May 2014

Flash Fiction Prequel 4: Avery

Fire filled my palms, blazing with a ferocity a drakon would envy. A careful flick of my wrists sent the flames careening towards a slate circle fixed to a distant tree. It hit directly. Well, it was slightly off to the right, if you were being picky – which I definitely wasn’t. It might not have been Roxy’s standard, but I believed that toasting a target was all the precision I needed: burnt was burnt; dead was dead. I rolled a small flare between my fingers before popping it in my mouth, inhaling deeply and exhaling a cloud of scalding smoke. 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Flash Fiction Prequel 3: Imogen

So many sparkles! This store was an Arcan paradise from the doorway to the cashier’s desk. I could feel the grin stretching across my face as I pushed open the heavy white door and entered a haven of tranquility. Well, okay, maybe tranquility was stretching it – particularly when there were quite so many Arcans filling the store with chatter and bargaining. But when my eyes zoned in on a floor-length sequined gown that inane sound faded into the background. As on so many trips before, the world became just me and the dress. I had to have it. 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Flash Fiction Prequel 2: Tristan

Goodbyes had never been my thing: they were too messy; complicated by too many emotions. No, it was much better to leave like this. For everyone. And it wasn’t like I would be gone forever. I would return, eventually. And when I did, I would be far more successful than anyone in this tiny town could ever have imagined for me. I would no longer be Tristan Terra, the illegitimate cast off of some unknown, deadbeat Protector. When I returned, I would be President Terra, the ruler responsible for bringing respect to our Realm for the first time in centuries. 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Flash Fiction Prequel 1: Brae

I’ve never felt more alive than with the wind racing through my hair, swirling around my body in an icy torrent of power. Sailing was an excellent way to connect with the element; even if the air was tainted by sea salt. We were almost home. And home meant the Arcan Realm: the land of the Air god, my family and my very best friend, Jasmine. I sighed as her name ran through my mind for the hundredth time that day. I had so much to tell her about my trip… and what I might have learnt about her heritage.