Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sephan Fashion

Slight hint here: the Sephan Realm is going to be very important in Water. For that reason, I wanted to post something which explained a little more about Sephan fashion. 

As the Realm associated with earth, Sephans have a hippy, eco flair. They like wearing browns and greens and most of their clothing is home made, so differs greatly from the tailored finish of the Arcans. It also has to be practical, designed for climbing trees and working outdoors. But flowers can provide a splash of colour and prettiness.

Sephan Style - Wild Child

Sephan Style

And because it's not all work and no play, for dressing up:

Sephan Style - Dressed to Impress

Sephan Style - Dressed to Impress by heatherf-james

Although that dress wouldn't work for every Sephan - Erica would be likely to stick to something less girly. However, there is another girl making an appearance in Water who would definitely want one...

The theme of this post is also very important for a feature coming up at the beginning of August called Novel Fashion Week, which is being hosted by Kindred Dreamheart. For seven days, three times a day, different novels will be being featured in posts on fashion. 

For Fire's feature on day 7, Imogen and Avery will be debating their differing views on fashion in the Helian and Arcan Realms. Make sure you check out the blog to see the post, as well as all of the other great features lined up. There is a promo video which details all of the authors and books involved here.

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