Wednesday, 17 February 2016

War & Peace: Post Two - Too Good To Stop Reading

This epic novel is getting better and better. I am now 28% of the way through. My Kindle gives me roughly fifteen hours of reading time left. I'm reading War and Peace at work (I never took the break I was expecting too as An Ember in the Ashes didn't fit in my work bag but, ironically War and Peace did, in the form of my Kindle) so I'm doing half an hour's reading a day, three days a week. If I keep that pace up, I should be finished in around five weeks. That's actually a lot less time than I expected it to take, which I think is a testament to how much I'm enjoying the novel. 

I think I'm part way through episode two, in TV show terms. Speaking of which, half way through the finale I was ready to give up on the book, unsure I'd be able to keep reading if I knew it was all going to end so bleakly. But then that ending! It was far, far better than I could ever have expected (I'm being as vague as possible to avoid spoilers). It has given me even more motivation to keep going. I will get to the end of War and Peace!

I'm definitely still enjoying the 'peace' more than the 'war', but I'm finding the battles more interesting to read than I expected. There's a lot more detail to them than the TV show went into, so they're the parts of the novel I know least about. 

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