Sunday, 2 June 2013

Brizan Style

This post comes at the request of @Amy_Bookworm who asked me about it on Twitter. She runs the UK YA blog Amy Bookworm and will be reviewing Fire this month for the Say It With Books Indie-Self Published Book event. I am really excited to be taking part in the Say It With Books event and will post more about it later in the month. 

The images below were found on Pinterest and I have linked each back to the page Pinterest saved as the source.

Brizan protectors wear long, flowing dresses in blues and white: think fabrics that flow like water.


This is a Polyvore creation which epitomizes my love of blue hair. I can definitely imagine Lori in this outfit. 

Brizan Blue

Normal Brizans dress more practically - they spend most of their time at sea, where flowing fabrics would get in the way. Instead, they dress more like pirates - in black or blue shirts, dark trousers and all important pirate boots.

Positioned between the Helian and Arcan Realms, the Eastern Islands are cool and breezy, while the Western Isles are warm, with tropical beaches and idyllic waters. The Brizans' clothing reflects this geographical divide and they will wear wet-suits or bikinis as the weather requires.

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