Monday, 29 September 2014

Summer Reads Part One

Since my daughter's birth my Kindle has fast become one of my most treasured possessions. Being able to use it one-handed has made it invaluable when it comes to nighttime feeds and I now do most of my reading at 2am! As a result, I have been able to read a lot of books this summer and I'm writing a mini review of each below. I don't normally write reviews and there are a lot of books for me to catch-up on, so they are going to start quite brief and will hopefully get longer as I go along.

I never knew where this book was going to go next! The plot had so many twists and turns and it was entertaining throughout. I particularly liked all of the historical references and how Allan's life intertwined with real-world events. 

Whoa. Where to start with this one? I really loved the writing style, It was distinctive and definitely makes me want to check out more of Lockhart's work (is it bad that I can't write that without my mind going off on a Harry Potter tangent?). I guessed half of the twist right at the beginning of the book, but not the specifics and the writing was good enough to make me doubt myself on a few occasions. Read this book if you like Gossip Girl. 

I started this ages ago, got distracted by other books, and have only just gone back to it. The series is really strong, although I still think the first book - Poison Study - was the best. Fire Study was possibly lacking in Valek a little for my liking. Read this if you like Throne of Glass: it has a strong heroine, magic and lots of action (and read it for Valek, who is one of my favourite male characters).

Another one I started then came back too. I wish I had read this without hearing all the hype first, since I think it set my expectations too high and I was disappointed to start with. It did grow on me though and by the end I found myself eager for book 2. I sometimes felt like there was too much going on and the world (and brilliant concept) might have benefited from a simpler plot. It might also be nice to have some Throne Of Glass-style prequels to better establish Paige's life before the events of the novel. 

I think I bought this when it was free or 99p and it has been sat on my Kindle for a while. I love Greek mythology and this is a clever reinterpretation of the myths, although not as good as something like Sarcrossed by Josephine Angelini. I only gave this three stars on Goodreads and I honestly can't now remember why... Perhaps it's just that it hasn't left me particularly interested in continuing the series. It's good, just not particularly special. 

Another bargain pick-up which I've only now found time to read. I like stories with twins, so that was a major plus for this book and the evil twin concept made it even better. This was a quick, fun read with a good plot and fun characters. It's also self-published! I'm definitely going to continue with the series at some point soon. 

These are just the first six - I will post about the next six (Anathema, The Beautiful and the Damned, Heir of Fire, The Forgotten Ones, The Last Werewolf, Glamour) next week.

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