Saturday, 11 October 2014

Meet My Villain Blog Hop

Since a) Halloween is coming up, b) Cinaer is my favourite character to write about and c) I'm on a bit of a Wattpad binge at the moment while I wait for my next lot of edits to come back, I have decided to take part in Erin Latimer and Kyra Nelson's 'Meet My Villain' Blog Hop.

1) What is the name of your villain?


2) What motivates him?

Power. Although he comes from one of the Helian Realm's elite families, he has only ever been on the fringes of true power outside of Kalme. Cinaer has his sights set firmly on ruling the entire Helian Realm.

3) What is the villain's relationship with the main character?

Roxy and Cinaer are informally betrothed. At the beginning of Fire their relationship is already fairly heated, but they do get on. By Air however...

Jasmine is certain that he is a danger to Brae and her friends and tries to stay out of his way.

4) What is one thing your villain is afraid of? What is their weakness?

In Fire, Cinaer's greatest weakness is his vanity; something Roxy is only too happy to exploit during training. He'll lose fights in favour of protecting his appearance. 

5) What is their greatest strength

Cinaer knows how to make prudent alliances and how long to keep them going before until he needs to jump ship. When he needs to, he can turn on the charm and manipulate those around him to get what he wants. 

6) Does your villain have any romantic entanglements? 

Well, there's his complex relationship with Roxy. However (Air spoiler alert!) there may be someone else back home in Kalme that the girls should watch out for...

7) List one random fact about your villain

He wasn't in the first draft of the book and became more evil the more I redrafted.

Elements of Power fans should watch out for even more Cinaer in Air. I really missed him in Water and was disappointed that I couldn't fit him into the plot. I've made up for it with lots of great Cin scenes in the final installment.  

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