Thursday, 17 March 2016

Why We Love... Zoe and Beans

Picture Book Review: Zoe and Beans

I'm going to try and start posting a picture book feature on the blog once a month, about whatever me and my toddler have been enjoying recently, and there was no contest when deciding that the first book (series) to be featured was Zoe and Beans by Chloe and Mike Inkpen. 

I first came across this series in Waterstones just before my daughter was one and loved the adorable artwork and clever stories. Since then, we've bought all of the picture books and one of the board books. 

Zoe is a fantastic character. She's independent, resourceful, and clever, but she's not perfect and can sometimes be a bit grumpy and lose her temper (my daughter's favourite moment in the books is when she shouts her name at the uncooperative parrot in Hello Oscar).

The series is also great on an educational/interactive level as it introduces lots of new vocabulary, with enough repetition for toddlers to join in too. Zoe and Beans are huge favourites in our house and are read on a daily basis. I'm sure we're not going to tire of them any time soon.

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