Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Picture This: The Tide

Grandad may not remember things as well as he used to, but that doesn't mean his granddaughter can't enjoy their time together at the beach. They can still have just as much fun as they used to, and tells stories of their day to keep its memory alive. 

The Tide is a beautifully written, touching picture book which will help young children to understand dementia and how it effects their relationship with loved ones. The subject is approached with great subtly and care. I loved how the child in the story compared her grandad's forgetfulness to moments when she has forgotten how to do something, or where she has left an important item.

Ashling Lindsay's artwork echoes the gentle tone of the text, with soft colours and calming scenery. We enjoyed hunting for starfish and looking at what everyone was getting up to on the beach. 

This is a very special picture book. My Grandad suffers with dementia and I know my children often find his behaviour confusing, so it is wonderful to be able to explain it to them in a way that is so clear and easy to understand. 

Thank you Little Tiger for sending us a copy to review. 

The Tide is written by Clare Helen Welsh and illustrated by Ashling Lindsay

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