Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Helian Style (the girls)

The Helian Realm is hot, so think summer clothes and beach style (not that any self-respecting Helian would be found anywhere near the beach, of course...). Bright colours are popular too, as well as black. I can imagine Roxy and Avery walking around Halia in outfits like these:

Roxy also likes to make statement when she dresses up. These are exactly the sorts of outfits she would wear:

Roxy is intent on shocking the Arcans when they arrive and makes a conscious attempt to dress as provocatively as possible. She would therefore absolutely love wearing the dress below and watching the reactions on their faces as she appeared:

Finally, when I saw this picture, it really made me think of Roxy:

The sources for all these images (and many, many more red dresses!) can be found on pinterest

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