Saturday, 5 January 2013


Fire is (self) published!

Or, at least, I've clicked go on Amazon - now I'm just waiting for it to appear on the site! I'm really struggling to contain my excitement at the moment and am joyfully updating my status/description on every site I'm on with my new credentials.

And look how awesome the cover is! I just hope that it comes out as well in small on Amazon - that was one of the things it was really hard to judge during the process.

The end was also a little anti-climatic - I hadn't really appreciated that I was clicking the final 'save and publish' option until it told me that it would be appearing on the site in 12 hours.

It wasn't as easy a process as I had been expecting either, mostly because whenever I converted my book to HTML (so that I could then convert it into an Epub) the formatting kept changing. And I really didn't fancy being the only author on Amazon with spaces between their paragraphs rather than an indent, or hyphens instead of em dashes. It just wouldn't have looked professional.

But anyway, I'm off to update Goodreads and bake a celebratory cake. I will post a link as soon as there is one!

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