Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Arcan Realm - an overview

Residents of the Arcan Realm worship the Air God and have an affinity with the air.

I originally adapted it from 'arcus' a Latin word which can mean rainbow (as well as quite a few other things). However, wikipedia has now informed me that an arcus is also "A low, horizontal cloud typically forming at the leading edge of thunderstorm outflow" which makes the name even more perfect!

Cold! Think icy temperatures, wind and snow - not ideal for Jasmine at all! A huge rainbow can also always be seen in the sky over the capital city.

Many areas of the Arcan Realm are mountainous, and its population tends to prefer being high up.

The People:
Are more diverse than some of the other Realms; there's a much greater variety of skin tones and hair and eye colours, which is why Jasmine, with her olive-toned skin and cerulean eyes, doesn't stand out too much.
They also love to throw huge parties and celebrations; the Arcan Realm has a strong community feel.

Within the capital, Arcans travel by bubble cart:

"They were called bubble carts not only because of their rounded oval shapes, but because of the material they were made with which managed to be translucent while still managing to shimmer with all of the colours in the Realm Rainbow at the same time. Brae keyed in our destination as soon as we got inside. “Welcome to the Inter-City Rail,” an unemotional female voice sounded in the cart as the doors shushed closed. “We will arrive at your destination — the Pepper Street Shopping Centre — in nine minutes.” Brae laughed a little at the message, which he had always found strange, and sat down on the sofa that ran around the edge of the cart, motioning for me to sit beside him. I sunk back and looked out of the wall opposite me. The city was beautiful at this time of day, when the sun hung high up in the sky making everything bright and cheerful. From the height the carts traveled at, you could almost make out the strange second sun that hovered  over the Helian Realm in the distance."

The bubble carts run on  a single track, dipping in and out of sidelines to avoid collisions. They are entirely transparent (bubble like!) offering a superb view of the Realm.

White walls and, quite frequently, glass roofs, to give that all important sky-view; it's a way of feeling like you're outside, while still offering protection from the elements.

Arcan protectors can manipulate the air, summoning gale force winds and twisters with a flick of their wrists. As their powers develop, their hair becomes streaked with silver. They can also more incredibly quickly when necessary. There is an ancient Arcan myth which suggests that their Protectors used to be able to fly, however no one has been able to do so for centuries, so the power is presumed lost.

Features on the Helian, Brizan and Sephan Realms to follow. Let me know if there's anything more you would like to know about the Arcan Realm in the comments. 

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