Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Brizan Realm - an overview

Brizan is from Brizo, goddess of sailors. I didn't know this when I picked the name, but, according to Wiki, Brizo was also known as a prophet specializing in the interpretation of dreams - which just makes the name even more perfect. Originally, it was called the Thetan Realm, from Thetis (a Nereid and Achilles' mother). However I then discovered that 'Thetan' was a term in scientology, so decided that I ought to change the Realm's name to avoid confusion. I now think that 'Brizan' fits better anyway.

The Brizan Realm is currently ruled by Queen Aurelia, who is unmarried with no heirs. She took the throne at the age of 19, and reigned during the Helian occupation of the Brizan Realm.

The Brizan Realm is compromised of 81 islands, only 9  of which are inhabited. The Realm is positioned between the Arcan and Helian Realms, so the Western Islands are cold and breezy, while the Eastern Islands benefit from the warmth of the Helian Realm's second sun. The capital city is  located on the relatively-central island of Laerielle. The Eastern islands became more populated following the Occupation.

Here's a sneak-peak from 'Water' to describe Jasmine's first view of the Brizan capital:

"The air was cool, with a strong, salty tang. Up close, I could see the houses lining the shore in more detail. They went right along the edge of the sand, each with space for a boat to be pulled up outside. All of them had hardy looking flowers and plants on their window sills and in petite front gardens."

"We emerged from the tunnel, taking a sharp right, and the Brizan capital came into view.

A sea of white-wash buildings with grey slate roofs met my eager gaze. They were spread out in a haphazard fashion, gently inclining up the hill the city had been built around. Houses were crammed in as close to the store as possible, clustered around the harbour.

But my eyes were instantly drawn to the temple, which was situated on the hill, close to the palace. It was magnificent: made entirely from multi-coloured glass rather than solid walls. It glinted in the sunlight as we approached, sending a rainbow of colours across the nearby white walls. My breath caught in my throat at the beauty of it.

Beyond it, at the highest point, was the palace itself. Like the houses below it, the palace was made of white stone, only rather than a grey roof, it had turrets and towers. It was far more extravagant than its Arcan counterpart, but more elegant and welcoming than the castle in the Helian Realm."

The Brizan Realm is less diverse than the Arcan Realm. Blonde hair and blue eyes are prevalent. As is weather-beaten skin and ruby red cheeks; a result of spending so much time out at sea.

The Brizans move between the Arcan and Sephan Realms, offering their services as sailors and traders. You are far more likely to come across a Brizan in the Arcan and Sephan capitals, than you are the reverse.

Can produce and manipulate water. Their hair is streaked with blue. 

Keep checking back for an overview of the Sephan Realm and, as always, let me know if there's anything else you want me to go into detail on. 

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