Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Sephan Realm - an overview

I'm about 99% certain that I took Sephan from 'Persephone'. Frustratingly, I can't find a note anywhere that confirms this though. Persephone was a Greek goddess associated with vegetation and spring. She was also taken down into the underworld by Hades, which I think provides a nice 'earth' link.

The Sephan Realm is unique within the series, as it is the only Realm that elects its leaders. They have two - one Protector and one non-Protector. The Sephan Realm is looked down on by the other Realms, and it's 'democracy' is one of the main features that they criticise. A vote is usually held every three years, except in special circumstances. 

Wooded. The Sephan Realm is still very natural and rustic; it hasn't been built up in the same way as the other four Realms.

The easiest way to describe this one is with a sneak peak from my current draft of 'Water':

I stood up slowly and quietly, stretching out my muscles after the cramped confines of my hiding place, and then approached the village cautiously. When it emerged between the trees I had to stop myself from laughing again.

I had never seen a home look so make-shift. The Sephan `village' was more like a campsite. A large fire dominated the centre, with ten or so large green canvas tents pitched around it. An assortment of belongings had been left outside. Easy pickings.

There were more homes up in the trees. Nests. It was the only word I could summon up to describe them. The houses seemed to have been woven from twigs and grasses and some also had flowers weaving through the walls. They were tiny: practical rather than luxurious. I could only see them because an old fashioned looking lamp had been hung outside of each one. The Sephans didn't seem unduly afraid of flames.

Unlike the other Realms, the Sephans do not have advanced technology; they're no television or phones and communication can take some time.

Can make things grow, communicate with animals and also cause minor earthquakes. Their hair is streaked with green.

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