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The Helian Realm - an overview

'Helian' comes from 'Helios', the Greek sun god. He's the one who kills all of Odysseus' men in the Odyssey - which reflects the Helians' temperament quite well.

Hot. The Helian Realm benefits from the heat from two suns - the Realm sun and a huge ball of fire, put into the skies centuries ago by extremely powerful Protectors.

The populated areas of the island are quite tropical and all of the cities are in-land, due to the Helians' aversion to water.  To the North East of the Realm is a huge volcano and a scorching desert runs between the it and the city of Kalme. This desert is a result of being in the direct path of the second sun and is pretty deadly for non-Helian skin.

The People: 
The Helians have a fearsome reputation and keep themselves largely isolated from the other Realms. Helians have a tendency to be both arrogant and power hungry and are willing to do whatever it takes to secure their own position.

The heat of their Realm is reflected in their olive-toned skin. Brown-to-black hair and brown eyes are common.

External walls are made of glass, to make the most of all that sunlight. However, they work like two-way glass: if the lights are on inside, everyone can see in - playing on the Helians' love of display; however, during the day, it's bright enough outside that the effect is reversed.

The only form of Helian transport mentioned in Fire is Vincent's motorbike. I decided that a bike was the perfect form of transport for Helians because they are fast, powerful and only have space for two people at a maximum, sat pretty close together. All of these features seemed to fit well with a Helian mentality. They are also incredibly cool, which suited Vincent perfectly.

When you can produce fire at your fingertips, why would you need to invent anything like a gun? Especially when you're claiming that power is a birth right, and not something that any, average Helian can take.

They do, however, use things like knives and daggers, as an alternative to flames; every Protector needs to keep one in their emergency kit (something you'll find out a little more about in Water…)

There's also another flame-driven weapon which comes up in Water and Air: a kind of flamethrower which the new, non-Protector, Helian guards around the palace can be armed with. 

Can produce and manipulate fire. Helian Protectors' hair has red streaks running through it. They also have another, even more deadly, power; but I think it would be a spoiler to go into detail on it here!

If there's anything else you want to know, or if you have any questions, please post them in the comments.

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