Thursday, 27 November 2014

Harry Potter Gift Guide

Following on from Tuesday's post, here are my favourite Harry Potter related gifts.

DFTBA - £14 - If Hermione and Luna ran for the US Presidency... 

DFTBA - £7.50 - They're fair trade and they come with trading cards. I need these! They're also a lot cheaper than the ones they sell at the Studio Tour...

DFTBA - £19 - Snape, Snape, Serverus Snape...

Etsy - £16.16 - This is quite subtle

Etsy - £18.32 - This one is less subtle!

Etsy - 16.36 - They make Felix Felicis and Veritaserum versions too

Etsy - £16.36

Not on the Highstreet - £8 

Or, if you really want to blow the budget, there is this amazing Wizard Monopoly set from Etsy

Or anything from the new MinaLima stationary store. I would love the Alphabet Poster for the nursery. 

Plus there's also always those pretty new editions of the books.

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