Sunday, 23 November 2014

Pins of the Week

As I have mentioned on the blog before, Pinterest is one of my favourite places to find writing inspiration. I probably pin around 50 new things a week, organised into various boards for different story ideas. Here are my top five book/writing related finds of the week. 



1) This is a Yosemite Firefall. It reminded me of the landscape I imagined for the Helian Realm, particularly the area around the volcanic city Kalme. 

2) This image is just beautiful. You can't help but let your imagination run wild: where is she falling from? What is the city below her like? Is it really underwater, or a cleverly concealed entrance? 

3) This is from a Buzzfeed article where they have changed book titles to accurately reflect the content of the story. I love this 'truthful' title for The Fault in Our Stars. What do you think Fire's would be? 

4) Veronica Roth on heroines. I guess this is why Tris is such an awesome character. 

5) This made me laugh a lot. I'm rereading some of the Harry Potter series at the moment, too. 

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