Sunday, 31 May 2015

Authors on Wattpad

As well as being a great platform for thousands of fresh, talented writers, young and old, many established writers can be found on Wattpad. Some post sample chapters from their novels, while others post short stories and exclusive content. Here are some I think you should really check out:

Marissa Meyer
Meyer has posted the first six chapters of Cinder and Scarlet on Wattpad, along with three short stories and the first chapter of Fairest. The one you really shouldn't miss is The Little Android, which is a retelling of The Little Mermaid, set in the world of the Lunar Chronicles.

Margaret Atwood
Atwood has posted poems and a non-fiction piece to Wattpad and has also just launched her own writing competition on the site! It's fantastic to see such an established, respected writer supporting a website like Wattpad, I think it really shows the importance and potential of the site. I'm going to start working on my contest entry later this week...

Beth Reekles
Reekles began her writing career on Wattpad and had her trilogy published as a result of her success on the site. You can still read samples, prequels and some short stories on the site.

Laure Eve
Eve has published the entirely of her first book - Fearsome Dreamer - on Wattpad and she replied to all the comments she gets on it, which is really cool.

Taran Matharu
Another Wattpad sucess story. You can still read a sample of his novel and some prequels on the site, plus he is really active and replied to comments.

Do you have any other recommendations? Please post them in the comments if so!

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