Friday, 22 May 2015

Mirrored Snow

Today I am posting something entirely new on Wattpad!

Mirrored Snow is a gender-reversed retelling of Snow White, where Snow has become 'Snowdon' and is told from the perspective of a girl the evil queen has trapped in her mirror. 

It's going to be a short story, rather than a full novel, and although I have of course been influenced and inspired by the Disney film and other modern retellings, I'm trying to go back to the Grimm original for my plot. 

Here is the description:

Everyone know the story of Snow White: blood red lips, ebony hair and skin the colour of freshly fallen snow. Her vain step-mother, desperate to be the 'fairest of them all' attempts four times to have her killed, until Prince Charming comes to save the day. 

But what if Snow wasn't a princess, but a prince. 
And the queen's antique silver mirror contained not just her reflection, but a girl. 

Mirror can no longer remember her name - or life - before the queen imprisoned her. All day, every day, she finds herself at the queen's beck and call; a life of endless servitude and isolation. 

Snowdon is approaching his 18th birthday and is an increasing threat to the queen's right to rule. And his looks are putting him in the running for her 'fairest' title too. So the queen decides the quickest way to solve all her problems is to get rid of Snowdon. Permanently. But the girl watching their every move has other ideas.

And the cover:

Are you interested yet? You can check it out here!

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