Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Why We Love: Oh No, George!

George said he'd be good and he wants to be good, but being good is tricky when there are so many fun temptations to be found when you're alone in the house... 

George is like a toddler who's been left alone in a room for five minutes while you try to make a cup of tea/put the washing on/brush your hair/hide and eat a biscuit. He means well, but temptation keeps getting the best of him and before he knows it, the whole house is a mess!

We bought Oh No, George! on the strength of Shh! We Have a Plan and I'm sure it won't be the last Chris Haughton book we read together. The art work is so distinctive and the repetition in the text is great for getting little ones involved in 'reading' the story; Oh No, George! is full of questions which you can discuss with your little ones, getting them to guess/remember what happens next. 

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