Thursday, 24 October 2013

Featured Review: Once Upon A Dream

Another review, this one can be found on Once Upon A Dream. I loved this review because Care hits on a point which is going to become quite crucial in Air. You can read it here after you check out some of the highlights below:

"First off, I loved this book. It had all the things I loved about the first one and new layers were added in to make this book a sequel to be remembered."

"I must admit something, little firecracker Roxy really stole the show in this book. I liked her in book one, but somehow during book two, she put her foot down and became my favorite character."

"Speaking of Tristan, I really, really loved his character. He was so fascinating, and so very much that type of character you would never want to cross. Ever. It was like: which side do we get to see today?"

"And if I thought the ending of the last book was enough to make me want to read a story, this one trumps that. I literally sat there staring at the screen for minutes as if I could will the next book into existence."

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