Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Featured Review: Sofia Loves Reading

Water has already been given some amazing reviews and I am going to be promoting them on the blog all week. Today's review is from Sofia Loves Reading and it was the very first review I received from Water. Following the link to it was terrifying and I was not just relieved but overwhelmed when I discovered that Sophia had given it five stars! You can read the review in full here, but these are some of my favourite quotes:

"The second book in the Elements of Power series will blow you away!!!"

"I really really liked this book. Just as Fire, Water has dual POVs, Jasmine and Roxy's respectively. The dual POV worked amazingly as the girls are no longer together and each had its own problems to deal with. Moreover, the dual POV allows us to see what they both go through, it makes us understand better their actions, what they think and finally their emotions! 

Water changes everything! Secrets are revealed and the girls find out that they have more in common except from their love for Brae!!!"

"All in all, I loved this book (ok, I even somewhat liked the cliffhanger as well)and I can't wait to read the third and last book in the series Air (coming out in 2014)!!!

Totally recommend it!!!"

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