Sunday, 13 October 2013

Introducing: Kit

Kit Delmare


Yes. Kit is Lorelie's younger brother. Remember her? Lorelie is the young Brizan Protector in Fire who was Controlled by the Helians. Kit's powers were only just beginning to develop when the Protectors were called to the summit. He's still a Protector-in-training, which will prove helpful for another Protector-in-training we all love.

Important because:
He and Lorelie look after the Arcans while they are in the Brizan Realm.

You will love him because:
He's struggling to get to grips with his powers and has a number of mishaps.

Beside Lorelie stood a tall boy, whose own sandy blond hair contained only a few streaks of electric blue.

As we stepped ashore, his eyes rested on me - or rather my hair - and I wrung my hands anxiously. On his face was a wide grin of excitement and awe.

``Welcome to the Brizan Realm." Rowan smiled warmly as he stepped forward to greet us. ``Euphrasia and Lorelie you already know, of course," he said, gesturing to the two girls, who smiled politely. ``But this is my newest recruit, Lorelie's brother, Kit." He indicated to the boy who had smiled when he saw me. He was still grinning now, his lively blue eyes glowing with excitement. Kit was a little shorter than Brae and built in the same, muscular way as most Brizans, with glowing, windswept cheeks. He wore dark trousers, high boots and a black shirt, which made him look more like one of the sailors from the ship than the Protectors he was standing beside, in their flowing blue clothing.

You can find out more about Kit and Tristan when Water is released next Saturday. 

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