Sunday, 6 October 2013

Introducing: Tristan

Tristan Terra


Absolutely - like Erica from Fire, Tristan can create earthquakes, communicate with animals and cause plants and flowers to grow.

Important because
Tristan has big plans, for himself and his Realm. He is fed up with the Sephan Realm being a laughing stock and wants to show the other Realms that they should be taken seriously.

Don't get on the wrong side of his bow and arrow.

But bear in mind
Tristan has a definite dark streak.

The speaker was tall and wiry, with a shock of bright green hair on the top of his head and darker, mint coloured eyes. He held a bow in his left hand, a second arrow in his right.

Despite his slight build, he stood like a warrior, brave and firm, and he met Erica's gaze without a hint of fear. He wore the same homemade clothes as the other Sephans, in the earthy colours of the forest. On him, they looked more like a uniform than a necessity, right down to the fur trimmed boots he wore on his feet.

Intrigued? You can meet Tristan in 13 days, when Water is released. 

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