Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Day Sixteen: Jessy's Bookends

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For today's tour stop, head over to Jessy's Bookends for a review and a quick interview about the Realms, my writing influences, and my plans for after Fire. I particularly liked this sentence:

"The end of this book has an ending open to adventure." 

I really enjoy reading reviews, so if you've read Fire or are planning to, then make sure that you let me know what you think. 

A note on grammar

The Telegraph has an interesting quiz today on grammar, which is quite interesting and worth having a go at. You can find it here. I'm pretty geeky/weird in that, even though I know I don't have perfect grammar, I like reading about it and learning new rules. I found that in this test, I scored well on the 'which sentence is correct' questions, but got muddled on the ones that asked you to identify which part of a sentence certain words were agreeing with. The really sneaky question is number 11 - pay very close attention to the commas!

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