Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day Seven: Roxy Q&A

 photo blogtour6.jpgYour full name: Princess Roxanne Nora LeMarc

What everyone calls you: Roxy

Describe your appearance: My hair is streaked with red – which marks me as a Helian Protector. I have olive-toned skin and warm brown eyes. And I always dress amazingly.

Sum yourself up in one word: Fearless

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite thing about yourself: My powers – without them, I wouldn't be me.

Why should we like you? You shouldn't. Not if you know what’s good for you.

Best friend: I’m torn on this one. It’s either my cousin, Avery, or my mentor, Vincent. I should say Avery, but it’s probably actually Vincent – he’s like a big brother to me: always there, no matter what I need.

Favourite childhood memory: The day my powers first manifested. That morning, I was ‘training’ with Vincent. I use the term lightly since, before my powers kicked in, there was very little we could do other than fitness. We had run all the way from my parents’ house to the closest shore line, where Vincent finally let me stop for a rest. There was a dull burning sensation in my lungs, but I didn't think about it too much, given the run I had just completed. Instead, I sat down on a rock with my back to the water, breathing deeply.

I ran my hands through my hair, pleased that for once it wasn't damp with sweat – thinking back, perhaps that was another indication of what was about to happen – at the time, I was too relieved to notice.

Vincent reached into the rucksack I had thrown down in the red sand at my feet and pulled out two drinks, handing one to me before downing the other himself. His chest rose and fell evenly; giving no indication of the run he had just completed; a perk of being a Protector and immune to the heat.  

``It’s perfect out here today,” I said, leaning back on the rock and tilting my head to the sky, letting the suns’ rays hit me.

``I didn't notice,” Vincent replied, his voice ever so slightly teasing. I refused to open my eyes to look at him, but I knew that he would be grinning. He was quiet for a moment and I soaked in the heat peacefully, knowing that at any moment Vincent was going to tell me it was time to start back and silently hating him for it. Avery’s tutor never made her run so far, but then Avery was terribly out of shape, so I suppose Vincent’s sadistic streak had some benefits.

``Hey Firefly,” Vincent said after a few minutes. I felt his shadow pass over my face, blocking out the sun. Reluctantly, I opened my eyes and blinked up at him.

His eyes were glinting with interest. ``Look what I found.” In his hands he held a vibrant purple flower comprised of three long petals. It was beautiful.

``What is it?” I asked, trying to sound less interested than I was.

He shrugged. ``I've never seen one before. It’s beautiful though.” I shrugged back; a non-committal response. ``Here, take it,” he said, holding it out to me.

I tried not to snatch it out of his hands, flashing him a grin and a ``thanks, Vince” as I cupped my fingers around the delicate petals. Instinctively, I brought it up to my nose and sniffed.

My nose tickled and the sneeze took hold before I could stop it. As my eyes fluttered open again I heard Vincent chuckle.

The beautiful purple flower has turned to ash between my fingers. ``Was that-” I started, wondrous.

Vincent snorted. ``That is the last time I ever give you flowers, Roxanne LeMarc. I can’t believe you just burnt it to a crisp!” When I looked up at his face I could tell that he was trying really hard not to grin at me. ``Come on Firefly,” he said, tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear. ``It’s time we started back.”

As I stood to resume our run, the strand fell down in front of my face again and I blinked in wonder – when I set off this morning, it had been a soft brown. Now, it was red; the shade of fire and blood.  

Worst fear: I’m a Helian Protector. I’m not afraid of anything.

What would we find in your room: Clothes. Lots and lots of them. Otherwise, I’m pretty minimalistic. A huge glass wall so that I can see the sun, a fireplace, a bathroom with a very hot shower, my bed, and vanity table.

What do you always carry in your bag: The only sort of bag I would ever use is my survival kit, which contains rations, water packs, emergency medical supplies and a basic tool kit. 


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